Friday, 1 August 2014

I am positively regarded to have had the experience to compose

I am positively regarded to have had the experience to compose my first Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra for my companion and associate Glen Whitehead (Director of Music UCCS, Principal Trumpet Chamber Orchestra of the Springs.)  Many have gotten some information about my experience in composing the Concerto, "What roused you...etc."  I figure being a trumpet player as I am I have constantly longed and thought sooner or later not far off I would compose a Concerto for my instrument, and as numerous things in life it took somebody requesting that me do it to accomplish it!

So what motivated this bit of music. I would say it was enlivened by those around me. The unconditional love and help they have offered me on my picked vocation way has been one of the best endowments I could get. It was additionally roused by the mountains here in Colorado where I've been for a bit now. It has been so pleasant to be home for a bit and to recall my establishment as an artist and as an individual. I figure in a few ways this bit of music identifies with this. This piece is the first to be displayed in the interest of our organization TASHA pictures whom I have the amazing privilege of functioning as the President of Music.

In the event that you end up in Colorado Springs on the fourteenth of September 2013, I trust I will get to see you at the debut.